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SRINAGAR : take care of homeless and needy people during winters, volunteers in Srinagar have started working to paint walls and converting them into ‘Wall of Kindness’ across the city.

*‘Wall of Kindness’ initiative is also known as ‘Deewar-e-Meherbani’ in some countries like Iran.*

*On Tuesday organizers at Jhelum Bund were seen setting hooks on the walls for volunteers to donate clothes, shoes, and other things for the the needy people.*

Abrar Ali, an active member of the Kashmir chapter of the London-based organisation, ‘Who is Hussain’ told Rising Kashmir that it was their plan to introduce such an initiative in Srinagar city which would help the needy in the society.

Ali said earlier they had approached the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) for giving them permission to convert 6 major spots in the city into ‘Walls of Kindness’.

He said SMC officials had asked them to start their experiment from Jhelum Bund and if they (SMC) would receive any objection from people or security agencies, they would cancel the permissions for other spots.

“The other five spots that the organisation has identified are Kashmir University, Dalgate, Islamia College and Nowhatta areas of Srinagar city. Then it will be further enhanced to interior areas of our localities,” he said.

“Keeping in view security concern, we will try to keep our members active, he said. During rains and snow belongings will be kept with nearby neighbours.”

Ali said around 35-40 volunteers were associated with the organisation and for painting these walls they had to contribute money from their pockets.

“There is no politics involved in it. It is the work of charity and it is for humanity,” he said.

“The wall is a place where people will leave their surplus clothes, food items, and other usable items for the needy, who pick what they need.”

Ali said they would try to spread this social betterment project to every part of Kashmir.

“It is a smaller effort to bridge the gap between the people and we need to spread the awareness,” he said.

“The initiative in Kashmir was taken after being inspired by similar initiatives in Iran, India, Pakistan and several other countries where needy people were helped by the initiative.”

Another member Syed Faraz was seen working with other members of the organization near the Jhelum Bund.

He said they were inspired by people of Iran, who used to donate things for poor and needy.

“The theme of the initiative is to give to those who are in need. Charity corner invites the passersby with a slogan, ‘Leave what you do not need’ and ‘Take it if you need,’” Faraz said.

“People who want to help others, hang something such as a jacket, shirt, shawl or eatables in a shopping bag, on the ‘Wall of Kindness’. The poor or needy ones can use the hung things for their own need for free,” he said.

‘Walls of Kindness’ was initially started for the homeless people of Mashhad, a city of Iran after its economy collapsed following the sanctions imposed by some Western countries.

The recession led to inflation and many unemployed citizens could not afford to buy clothes and other accessories.

It was then a group of young volunteers in 2015 ‘Sajjad Boulevard’ in Mashhad who came up with the idea conceived of offering help to the needy by encouraging people to donate, give in charity their clothes and other belongings.

The idea was welcomed and people soon made a beeline to give their clothes.


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